The first packaging directly inspired by cosmetic surgery, with a very thin metal applicator, allowing ultra-precise application for targeted care.

For the first time, the user can truly "fill" the wrinkles with precision or target the spots, thanks to an applicator that is as thin as it is hygienic.

Suitable for : Eye/lip contour, cream filler, spot treatment
Types of formula : serum/oil, gel, cream

Technical features :

Diameter : 16 mm
Filling Capacity : from 4 to 15 ml

Tube material : Mono, EVOH Coex or Alu-Multifoil, PCR, Bio-based
Tube decoration : Offset, Silk Screening, Hot Stamping, Labelling, Varnishing, Shrink Sleeve

Cap material : PP, PCR
Cap decoration : Metallization, Lacquering, H/S, S/S

Applicator material : Aluminum

New product


Design patent Oui