An ergonomic applicator as optimal as possible to improve the formula efficiencyThe density of the bristles has been tested to make using the Detox’n ReUse a pleasant and effective experience.

Working to increase blood flow to the scalp, it promotes stronger, healthier hairs. Boosting growth and hair follicle health, this product is a must have to the scalp detox trend.

Easy to use : Lay down the formula directly on the generous applicator then massage your hair. Clean easily the applicator after use.

Sustainable : Keep the applicator once your bottle is empty !

Suitable for : Scalp treatment

Types of formula : Shampoo, scrub

Technical features :

Diameter : 50 mm
Filling Capacity
 : From 100 mL to 250 mL

Bottle material : Monolayer PE, PCR & Bio-based available
Bottle decoration : Offset, Silk Screening, Hot Stamping, Labelling, Varnishing

Cap material : PET, PCR available
Cap decoration : Metallization, Lacquering, H/S, S/S

Head material : Silicone, PP, PCR available

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